H&B delta Vsetín
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Bazén Ponávka Brno
Rodinný dům Nový Jičín
Biologický park Brno
Alzheimer Centrum Ostrava
Administrativní centrum Velká Bystřice

IQ Landia

Brno - MŠ Jehnice

Finanční úřad pro Moravskoslezský kraj

Fastmall Rožnov p. R.
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H&B delta is a specialist in roofing, buildings and ventilated facades. We have been on the market since 1992. The Ventilated Facades Division focuses on the production and assembly of ventilated facades, as well as on bending and folding of sheet metal, formatting of fiber-cement boards, high-pressure laminates and composite materials. We produce facade cassettes and lamellas from sheet metal and bonds, design fillings and tiling, plumbing products, plating and edgings of halls and buildings, components for shading installations or light sheet metal roofing. We process sheets up to 6 m in length and with a thickness of 4 mm.